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Welcome to the Maximo View Log tool. One of the most import tools in developing and supporting an IBM Tivoli Maximo installation is the log file. This file, written on the server, is where Maximo writes all error and other messages. Having quick easy access to this log file can dramatically improve development time as well as system support.

From a security standpoint, granting people rights to access this file on a server can be an issue. It is even more of an issue when the log is for a development or testing server where multiple users need access to the file at the same time, or where the log file has to be accessed over a slow VPN connection.

The Maximo View Log addresses this need by providing a web base, multi-user access to the log file. No longer do users have to have access to the file system of your server. No more will a user/developer be unable to read the log file because someone else has it locked. No more waiting for the massive log file to download before you can open it to read it. And since the View Log tool reads the log directly, a simple refresh of the screen will display the latest records in the log.

But the Maximo View Log does much more than just give users access to the log file. Instead of scrolling through thousands of records looking for the log entries you want, you can search by log level, date range and text string. Special navigation buttons allow you to jump the end of the log, the start of the log or any “page” in between.

The Maximo View Log also support multiple log files. This means you will be able to search/view older log files. It also can support the multiple logs from a cluster installation.

You can download the Maxiimo View Log Maximo View Log:

Supported Maximo Versions:

  • Maximo 6.2
  • Maximo 7
  • Maximo 7.5


This tool uses a simple CSS file to control the look and colors of the screens. Simply modifying this file will allow you to change the look of the tool to your liking.


Installation of Maximo View Log is fairly simple and straight forward. This tool is a collection of JSP pages that are copied into the Maximo directory structure. They are then deployed with the Maximo Ear. Even though the tool is deployed with the Maximo Ear, it is actually not part of Maximo and has no impact on Maxmio. This means that even if you get an error that prevents you from logging into Maximo, you can still access the log file using this tool.


The Maximo View Log deploys a simple but effective security system. It can be configured to require users to know a password (set by you) before they can access the log file. You can also restrict them to viewing just the log files you want them to see. But this tool is also flexible. If you do not care about who accesses the log file (e.g. it is on a personal development box) then you can remove the security password, allowing you to open the log directly. You can also enable it so you can open any Maximo log just by entering the path to it. Full security explanation and setup can be found in the Everything Guide.

Version History:

Version 3:

  • Added Data Range search
  • Bug fix: will now display XML correctly in Message column.

Version 2:

  • Added text search

Version 1:

  • Initial Release

Example Screens:

View Log Main Screen

Log In Screen

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